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Chance a Chinese Internationals student born in Spain (Maths)

I am applying to Syracuse, Stony Brook, Umass Amherst, Purdue, Binghamton, Uni of Maryland, Rutgers, Virginia Tech.
If you want to suggest any Uni pls Do so. I am interested in Math and CS. I want to have a traditional US college experience based on the East Coast.
Hook: Entrepreneurial extracurriculars
BAD Childhood: Father deceased when I was 9 years old.
GPA:​ Unweighted: 9.4/10 Single SAT:​ 1230 -Math: ​680 -Reading and Writing:​ 550
Single Toefl ibt​: 94 -Reading:​ 24 ​-Listening: ​25 -Writing: ​ 23 ​-Speaking: ​22
Extracurricular Experience
-Social Media Marketing Agency Online Affiliate Marketing Business Creation, Promotion, and Brokerage of eCommerce Assets ​(March 2017-June 2019) ● Developing B2C web marketing campaigns via Shopify and blogging platform WordPress. Made €​2,000 from multiple streams of online income. ● Estimated 25,000 unique web-visitors from multiple sites ranking for competitive search terms● Developed various business connections with people from across industries such as Canada and Dubai. Acquiring, Managing, and Selling Domain Names (March 2017-January 2018) ● Bought and managed around 20 various domain names. ● Acquired domain for an affiliate website. ● Data mining through RegisterCompass for valuable expired or expiring domains. ● Bid, competed and won various domain auctions on GoDaddy, SnapNames, and NameJet.
Web Development and SEO Education at Marin Web Design ​(March 2017-June 2018) ● I spent long hours after school conversing and working with the CEO Chanuka and the team at CashfloeCEO, a six-figure dollar web and social media marketing firm in Australia and many virtual offices based in Hong Kong.
● Learned fundamentals in domaining, customer service, web development, Facebook, and Instagram advertisement, SEO, and industry.
Bitcoin Investment ​ (January 2018) ● Learned and Educated from sources such as about cryptocurrency, mainly Bitcoin. ● After learning for 6 months, I invested 200​€ on it and lost everything after the bitcoin crash. I learned big lessons about getting rich quick and easy.
Created and managed FBA: Fulfillment by Amazon stocks (2016) ● Starting second-semester Freshman at my new school, I started to buy 5 euro second books, toys, and technological devices and resold them on Amazon. ● I persuaded my sister to lend me 300euros to buy a Spanish Amazon FBA online course where it teaches you all the basic knowledge that you need to operate this business. ● I only earned enough to pay my sister back but had a great experience. That was my first time trying to do business online and making my own money. Advertisement and social media management for restaurants (December 2017- February 2019)
School clubs and activities
-President of the Math Club (September 2017-Present) ● Tutoring classmates and students from other classes on Mathematics levels such as Algebra, Calculus, and Geometry. Since my Sophomore year until the present. ● Helped them to pass the classes as well as tutoring them to go from 6 grade to 9 grade out of ten. ● The best part of these experiences is when I created my own methods to teach students about the system of equations, derivatives, and Integrals.

Created my own Social Media Brand called “Teaching Rubik’s cube” (February 2018-February 2019) ● Due to my love with Rubik’s cube, I started my Business Instagram account about how to solve the Rubiks Cube. ● The photos and videos have reached a total amount of 250.000 people and It has 7.000 followers and engagement over 50%. ● With the Instagram Brand, I joined into a private group online allowed for Instagram Influencers over 5.000 followers in the Rubiks industry. At the time, there were 20 people.
-Leadership and Community
CEO of the School Café ​(September 2017- April 2018) ● Elected to be the CEO for School Café out of numerous other competitive high school applicants. ● The business was established by the school counselor and principal in order to earn money to pay our Final year Cross-Europe cruise. ● Run the Café on Christmas festival dates and school Sport Olympia dates; There were a total amount of 1000 people including children, and parents. ● Established the new school record for the highest gross and net revenue since 1995.
Founder and president of Rubik's cube club (2016- Present) ● Organized over 20 Rubiks cube events, club activities, and competitions. ● Currently, there are over 30 students at the club and with the help of other students, the motivation of learning how to solve the Rubiks cube has increased ever since
Founder and president of the Robotics Club ● Held many robotics events and activities. Introduced to the club Programming skills such as Arduino. Build and taught many Freshman students about how I Arduino work and functions. The most successful project is the Arduino car that avoids objects with a sensor.
-​Family Responsibilities Work at the restaurant/bar ( January 2012- October 2018)
Work at the souvenir shop ( October 2019- Present)
Honors ● Highest class rank​, Schoolwide (9th,10th,11th, and 12th grades). ● Leadership Award​, Schoolwide (9th,10th,11th, and 12th grades) ● Rubik's Cube Championship Semifinalist​, Nationwide (9th grade) ● MMA Canary Island Champion​, Local/7 Island recognition (11th grade) ● Most Entrepreneurial Student Of The Year​, Schoolwide (9th, 10th, 11th grades) Proficiencies ​ Languages ● Mandarin (Native). ● ​Putian dialect( Native). ● Spanish (Fluent- I have been living in Spain for 17 years ). ● English (Fluent). ● German ( High Intermediate level). ● French ( Basic).
EdX and Coursera Courses on C++ programming language (January 2019 - June 2019)
MIT Open Courseware on Artificial Intelligence. (June 2019- December 2019)
Tai Lopez, Tonny Robbins, Grant Cardone, Sam Ovens social media, real estate and personal development courses.

Books (2014-Present) ● I have read over +150 books about Business, Fiction, Philosophy, Biology, Psychology, mathematics, physics, leadership, personal development, and biographies.
● My favorite authors: Stephen Hawkings, Will & Ariel Durant, Dr. David Buss, Sigmund Freud, Richard Dawkings, Dale Carnegie and Ashlee Vance.

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Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 219 "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatlne]

  • Day 43.6 You Knew Reality Winner Was Coming Into the Story - YouTube
    • It's Day 43. This is version 6
    • In this news just broke: ex NSA employee admits he kept top-secret information at home
    • Here again, I think this is one of those Awan covers, where you have someone who has kind of been in close to retirement, etc, that's done a lot of you've done a lot of favors for, and you call it a marker
    • That's what this looks like
    • It looks like a cover to cover the wants and to explain why this classified information is sitting over at the Awan's house
    • I don't know maybe it's not
    • But this article does a pretty good job of talking about the different people at NSA
    • And there's been just a rash of NSA leaks
    • I think this is to explain the the OPM leaks, and the OPM hacks
    • There's a lot of information out there that's being used
    • And this is the guys name here his name's PHO
    • He's 67 not far from where I am in Elliot city
    • And if you're gonna have a lot of Social Security numbers floating around, a lot of people using those Social Security's numbers from veterans who died to then get new home loans
    • This is what we've seen with the Awans, this is kind of one of those covers where well it must have come out with one of these leaks
    • So you can see here from 2010 to 2015, he took home paper and digital copies of government records--
    • I've met a lot of people that work at NSA and this just is something that you don't do
    • I know everyone at NSA knows that you don't do this
    • You would have had to been--doing Sandy Berger stuffing it in--that your your pant legs...
    • You don't walk out of the NSA with a briefcase that's not checked when you at the end of the day
    • {{ 911 Rubiks Cube }}
    • So that's--now it is interesting that he's in the tailored access operations TAO unit which is the unit that Edward Snowden was in
    • So that is an interesting kind of development there
    • This is article is 22 hours old as I was saying
    • So again, district of Maryland, and here's Dana Boente who just left the Eastern District of Virginia, retired to come up here and do this case, in the district of Maryland, which I found was interesting
    • If you're not familiar with the NSA hacks of course there was obviously the 2013 hack with Snowden, but then there's also this the Martin hack
    • Again, close by where we are Glen Burnie in 2015
    • So and then of course the most famous of all hacks in Augusta, Georgia here in 2000
    • With the Reality Winner 25 year old they had all this information
    • Now if you notice Augusta, Georgia I want to say is I'm gonna say 30 miles from the Savannah River Nuclear Site
    • And it's about maybe 45 minutes from Charleston, not very far from Savannah and Charleston is kind of in between
    • This Reality Winner I know we've made a lot of fun of her all along the way, but it's gonna be somebody here at this site at the Savannah River Site that she's covering for if not two
    • Now I thought she they tried to do a throw, saying that she was at a different facility in Georgia
    • But now that I see Augusta and knowing how close Augusta is to Savannah River Site, and how close it is to Charleston, Reality Winner is going to come back into our story as the key throw of The Whistleblower down at Savannah River Site
  • Day 43.7 Wrapup of Comments, Sweat Tea and Kings Bay - YouTube
    • NO Autocaptions
    • A lot of ppl commented PHO was yet-another runny soup with no meat like Campbell (Campbell's soup)
    • And it was covering the fact that he worked in this TAO @NSA
    • That will let you get into secure blackberry folders, for example
    • For example, drone interdiction in Pakistan
    • "Oops I did it again, here are the codes for drone strikes in pakistan"
    • People commented about Reality Winner working at Fort Gordon NSA facility in GA
    • I did't mean to say Reality Winner worked over at the naval nuclear station, but I meant to say that she was close
    • And that the info that RW would be dealing in would be highly secure information for the Navy
    • Our enemies knowing where our nuclear subs are would not be good
    • Turkey wanted to extradite Graham Fuller
    • News keeps chasing you, we're about 3 months ahead on this series--feels like we're being chased
    • Fuller did the infiltration, not the coup plan--coup is more Grange-Petraeus CIA-NATO op
    • SAP secure access program, lets you get into the SAP folders on blackberries...this how Hillary can still have influence even though she's not in power, she just needs a few people in key positions
    • Tap PHO on the shoulders and just say, 'time to call in a flavor and give us the SAP codes'
    • Reminds me of operation duck soup, in Vietnam which was flying heroin into the DMZ for US GIs
    • Maybe that PHO was a wink to Operation Duck Soup way back when since he's retiring now
    • Peter Stzrok, seems like a wink on 'Strzok', gonna call him 'Strzok'
    • Peter Stzoks let go from Mueller team for 'anti-trump' texts
    • {{ 911: that MSM's cover story. Really it was about him paying someone to validate the Fusion PP Dossier, now discredited. This makes Mueller's team look stupid and incompetent, so he was let go }}
    • Asked Robyn Gritz if she knew who Stzoks was and she didn't know him
    • Devin Nunes is mad because the FBI is stonewalling
    • DHS-OIG sentenced to 37 months for deleting Files
    • Georgia Cryptologic Center--sweet tea--sounds like euphemism for drug trade
    • Kings Bay subbase, lots of used car yards where car parts are being picked--illegal trade in car parts
    • People ask about the earthquake and was it a PNE near VA coast?
    • North Anna Nuclear Generating Station
  • Day 43.8 Summary - Sweet Tea and Pho Soup at NSA - YouTube
    • Day 43 and it's part 8
    • And this is a real late night edition
    • But I'm gonna call this mister PHO's runny soup leeks
    • Mr. PHOs runny soup leaks
    • I was thinking either I'll call this friend or foe pho or mr. foes runny soup leeks
    • But this just goes to show you the power of putting out working theory
    • And then people come back and they either say--sweet tea
    • Why are you mentioning sweet tea sweet tea sweet tea?
    • Why are you repeating sweet tea? what sweet tea got to do with anything?
    • Reality Winner was at sweet tea--so what?
    • And there's good challenges there and I just think--this author the guy who did this article linked those two things together he linked together Mister PHO's runny soup leaks with reality winner and sweet tea
    • The Georgia cryptography Center, the Georgia cryptography Center is the one that was built in 2012 to handle CENTCOM traffic
    • So let's say these are the three different cryptology centers
    • There's a whole bunch more there's one in Hawaii where Snowden worked at
    • There's one in Fort Meade near me here
    • And then there's one in this in in down in Georgia at this Fort Gordon, Georgia cryptology Center
    • Well what they did is they they took it and they broke off the traffic here
    • And the first signal intercept
    • They intercept these signals from CENTCOM
    • This is the UAE
    • This is Pakistan and also AFRICOM
    • This is--the all the area where our mining is--Boko Haram and a Niger and all that sort of thing
    • So all that stuff all these stories that emanate from signals intercepted over there are coming out of this Georgia thing
    • Now these guys--let's just call them Navy boys B O Y Z
    • And what I mean there is kind of like this retired Navy
    • This is the military-industrial complex whatever but these are what we think of as deep state or whatever
    • But I'm gonna call them the Navy BOYZ sort of like to John McCain and McCain's dad and McCain's grandfather that type of thing
    • The Navy BOYZ and the Navy BOYZ if you were smart and you were--I'm not saying the Navy knowingly knows that drugs are coming one way and guns are going the other
    • But they did look the other way
    • They're like the common carrier I don't really want to know what you're shipping
    • So the Imran Awan is who's doing the containers and and what goes into containers these guys are just saying how many containers here's the bill
    • But these Navy boys--you'd be smart to take all that kind of traffic that--Awan container traffic and make it go through this Georgia Center--this Georgia communication center
    • That's where you have your reality winner
    • You could then cut off all the communication and just say this is a nothing burger, that's a nothing burger, oh yeah another nothing burger, oh there's another nothing burger
    • Here's Imran communicating in Sialkot, nothing burger here's him in Faisalabad nothing burger oh here he is over in Akina Asana his hometown
    • He's recruiting a bunch of boys for a soccer team that's a nothing burger
    • Oh here he is over in Lahore at the naina set tech tech show that's a nothing burger here he is down at the Customs House in Karachi talking on his Blackberry again, that's a nothing burger
    • Oh here he is over at the Porter Kasim checking the video camera for all the radiation testing oh that's a nothing burger
    • Oh well how about all the UAE shipping traffic well ---you're the Urenco shipments going on the Maersk that's a nothing burger and
    • So you have this Center which basically takes all this traffic of our key players, and just hits it with a nothing burger stand
    • And if anybody does come to the White House, comes up and sees Devin Nunes, and says, "hey all this traffic is actually Imran Awan--this story that's going around Washington right now, that's actually him and his--about 20 or 30 of his secure BlackBerryies--you do know that right?"
    • And so what you do is you just put a Reality Winner in there and then you crush the the two whistleblowers, which is exactly what I think you would do
    • And you would investigate them with DHS
    • And you would use the the case management system at DHS to find out about them
    • And then you would crush these people
    • And if you if you hacked the case management system--if you're Imran Awan, and you hacked the case management system you could crush whistleblowers all day long and
    • So that's what really I think--working theory does
    • Now there's it's a lot of speculation but here I talk about the Navy BOYZ in that little theory that I just gave right there and I talked about--
    • How this Mr. PHO
    • Now I didn't know pho oh it's gonna be pronounced Fah I'm gonna keep pronouncing it focus it's more fun it's called pho noodle soup
    • I'm gonna that's gonna be my new imagery for lane leaks leaks
    • Especially leaks about duck soup type operations
    • This is the the using of opiates to target US soldiers
    • And that's duck soup was was heroin for US soldiers in the DMZ 1968
    • So I'm gonna keep that duck soup model going because Pho is Vietnamese and who knows how long who knows how long Pho has been giving duck soup, I mean noodle soup to the enemy, who knows how long?
    • We don't know that
    • Now of course they're gonna say is a doddering old man...but we don't know that
    • That could be just the way of getting these codes these access codes out of Fort Meade
    • Oops I did it
    • Again, we don't know how long that lasted
    • Now for me again, more working theory, but this just looks like Mattis
    • This looks like Mattis cleaning up the Fort Meade
    • And the next thing after he cleans up Fort Meade, I think the next thing he's gonna do is clean up the Georgia center
    • And Devon Nunes isn't dumb--he realizes that these people came from the center too
    • They went to the Eisenhower building
    • So that's what I think's happening I think Madison's cleaning up on the home home base he's gonna go up and clean out the Colorado cryptography Center I believe
    • He's gonna do Hawaii I think there's one in Texas and the Texas Cryptography Center
    • The Colorado cryptography Center
    • I don't know where those are located yet I know the white one I thought was at Diamond D and I a matter of fact I talked to somebody who worked there
    • So anyway I just think this is this is what I love about these
    • I've met somebody in The Associated Press just the other day
    • They said John Solomon doesn't work there anymore he works at theHill
    • And I thought I knew that but anyway I wanted to mention that correct that
    • But it's just how just one good article about national security here by a good reporter from the AP, I don't know who did it
    • Then sometimes the AP hits a story that somebody writes in one of the the journals--the national security journals and then they'll pick it up the AP picks it up
    • But whoever the editor is over there good job
    • Because it it really gives you an insight into what a clean up operation operation clean up the clean the Duck Soup and clean the pho noodle soup off the floor here at NSA in Fort Meade right by me here
    • And then maybe also the Georgia community, to make sure that the Reality Winners aren't stuffing stuff in their pantyhose
    • I doubt very seriously that she stuffed in their pantyhose
    • I doubt very seriously I think there's probably just a cover
    • It's a it's a nice image nice imagery, but I think there's actually two real whistleblowers
    • I must stay with that story that came the Eisenhower Building
    • I might have got the center wrong I thought it was Huntsville
    • I thought it was Redstone Arsenal but well I'm looking at it
    • Now it may have been sweet tea
  • Day 44.1 Is Peter Strzok Really Andrew McCabe? - YouTube
    • Welcome to day 44 this is the first version and the name to try to pronounce and try to remember as this name right here at the FBI
    • This is Peter Strokes I'm gonna call him because I think--I had said before I think it may be an OP name
    • An OP name is you take a funny name like Peter Strokes, I mean you just Swizzle some of the words[sic] {{ letters }} around
    • So you take the Z and move it maybe to the middle
    • That's the only way you could get a name like Peter Stzrokes who knows
    • Is that Andy McCabe? It sounds like it I'm not saying it is Andy McCabe it sounds like somebody who's extremely close to Andy McCabe if not Andy McCabe
    • But if you just look at the metadata of Peter Strzok it's Annie McCabe Annie McCabe Andy McCabe
    • If you look back here he was in charge of the Hillary investigation
    • He's in charge of shutting down the Hillary investigation, numerous times
    • Who else did that? Andy McCabe
    • Andy McCabe shut down NYPD Intel unit
    • He shut down New York NYPD
    • He shut down Little Rock FBI
    • He shut down the EB-5 investigation in Los Angeles
    • He shut down the EB-5 investigation in Miami
    • He shut down the Clinton Foundation investigation in Washington DC
    • He also conferred with Loretta Lynch to have her do shutdowns as well
    • He also brought in Peter Kadzik at certain key points along the way to leak information over to Podesta
    • So and I believe he also is the same person who goes to Fusion GPS and pays for the peepee dossier
    • And now we have Comey, taking the peepee dossier try to add legitimacy to the peepee dossier, and slip behind the curtain at the White House
    • So to think that Andy McCabe would give that to a second, possibly...
    • ...But the metadata looks like [Peter Strzok] is Andy McCabe's OP Name
    • I'm just gonna say that that right now, just from a technical analysis point of view okay
    • So we'll see if it's Andy McCabe or not
    • Tne picture they trying to picture Mueller with another agent to make it look like it's Peter Strzoks, but that's I don't believe this is I don't believe it's that person
    • And anybody on these teams trying to make it look like this guy here
    • I just don't think that's the case
    • Now this guy if you go back to the heavy article has been named in different wiretaps and sting operations Peter Strzok has been
    • They started with the top of it the story which is he sent anti-Trump and pro-Hillary tweets
    • So he's the one who Peter Strzok is a guy who had personally interviewed Hillary
    • And decided no, not to have the lie detector on, not to do it under oath--these are things that the FBI never does
    • This is Kallstrom's argument
    • Is Andy McCabe gonna leave that to somebody else? I just don't think so
    • So here we go with use of the the polygraph and when interviewing applicants
    • He's just looking for people to kind of be in his little cabal
    • So we'll see as the reports come out
    • The let's see the other report here's the Daily Caller has a little bit of the story just the top two percent of the story
    • Mueller's Russia probe The Washington Post had about 20% of the story
    • So they're getting I think they're in the lead
    • The New York Times had a story as well, so I think they're picking this up
    • The Wall Street Journal was completely caught flat-footed on this--they had no idea: they just thought it was an anti-Trump text thing
    • So that they were completely out of the loop
    • But well let's just do a hot search here and just see where we are with Peter Stzrok
    • Now and the now famous Peter Stzroks of course Peter's gonna be a member of my gonna be in my lawsuit to the FBI
    • Again, I filed the FBI lawsuit before this news broke
    • For all those are gonna say I filed it after the news broke--that's not true
    • You can look at the date, and matter of fact all these people have already been served, so it's gonna be hard for me to go back in time and serve them right?
    • {{ 911: G, why do you care? You said yourself, don't focus on the drama, just the lawsuits }}
    • So let's just see what we've got Trump has weighed in yet?
    • No Trump has weighed in with a couple of tweets, not particularly about Peter Stzrok but you can see that the press is picking this up
    • Now the whole investigation the whole Trump investigation looks like it's through this through this Peter Strzok if / Andy McCabe and the whole machine looks like it's gonna collapse
    • Now there is one theory out there--this is just working theory--that Flynn was working with Mattis the whole time
    • And and use Lisa Page at FBI
    • Lisa Page at FBI is not actually an FBI lawyer
    • She's a stand-in she was seduced Andrew McCabe or Peter Strzok, whoever you want to say
    • And set up him in a sting of his own
    • It's kind of nice to set up a sting with us with somebody who sets up a lot of stings
    • {{ 911: so he burns the whole country down because he doesn't want to risk divorce? Wow, if true wow. }}
    • So we'll see if that's true or not but I think actually it is true when all these texts do come out between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok / somebody
    • We'll figure out more to the story
    • So I'd say just by metadata this Peter Strzok looks like Andy McCabe
  • Day 44.2 Peter Strzok and Lisa Page - Conspirators With McCabe? - YouTube
    • It's Day 44 and this is the New York Times article about I'm gonna just keep calling him Peter Strzok but you'll know that I mean STR zs t RZ
    • Peter Strzok and Lisa Page the lawyer and the situation or this situation looks a lot differently now with Lisa Page maybe being complicit in the conspiracy, working directly for Andrew McCabe
    • And of course in my analysis metadata analysis this morning, Peter Strzok's career looks so identical and similar to Andrew McCabe just on based on metadata, I thought it was Andrew McCabe
    • It is so close, and I'll go through how some of that is is come about
    • But this is the the very good article here in
    • It talks about the lawsuits against McCabe and lawsuits against Peter Strzok
    • It talks about--Lisa Page's involvement and some of the other things news I'm breaking this morning with Robyn grits
    • She's talking about how she filed with the office of a special counsel
    • The office of the Special Counsel is Robert Mueller
    • She filed before Robert Mueller took over that position, but the FBI has definitely stonewalled
    • So this is my reporting as a few minutes ago, "hmmm interesting I filed a complaint directly with the Office of Special Counsel. But I know they have been waiting for documents from the FBI. They could delay every document request FOIA, EEOs"--its equal opportunity stuff--"you name it even the Inspector General from DOJ complained about Grassley's office being stonewalled by the FBI."
    • And then she goes on to talk about down here another friend of hers who had retired through OPM, I'll drop it down here, through OPM, and they just never sent the paperwork over
    • So he he was like OK well--I'm gonna send over my paperwork
    • He just never got it and he's been fighting the FBI for 12 years
    • So it's these winners and losers
    • If you're in side of Andrew McCabe's Counterintelligence little clique--the little JTTF click--you're going to the--doing the counterterrorism a week before the Superbowl, a week before--the playoff, football playoffs, NFL games a week before World Cup etc and you're partying it up just like the Hillary did with her Secret Service people in Colombia
    • If you're in that group you're the winners
    • But if you're a a gumshoe FBI out there on the street doing real investigative work, and not fake crime, well then you're in the losers
    • We're going to delay all your paperwork
    • We're going to Stonewall you we're gonna make you sorry you ever work for the FBI
    • We're gonna pad the pad our pad our winners
    • And we're gonna strike in our losers
    • And just so even though even this guy even the Inspector General of the Department of Justice, officer of department of justice and this is going to be Matt Horowitz complained about it
    • So this is not something then--George is--personal vendetta against McCabe
    • Actually as I've said before
    • I'd want him to live on a nice big branch with very green grass, but I don't think that person needs to be running a coup and information coup against the [lawfully elected, non-criminal] President--which is obviously what's happened
    • He's put in his cronies to attack the sitting president
    • This guy here we want to find him
    • He's Eric Karate Croddy. Now he sued (I'm sorry in my phone's just going crazy)
    • He sued the FBI for using these wacky interview questions, that if they if completely subjective, they're these the same questions users of Fairfax County
    • If they like you then great--that means they can get you in
    • If they don't like you they can keep you out
    • So crowd e Croddy here filed a lawsuit--we're gonna be looking at that
    • Kathy Muller was the investigator
    • Awfully close to Mueller, I mean almost if it was your daughter you would want her to drop the e just so people wouldn't say nepotism--we don't know--we don't know but
    • That's why I put it there
    • Now everybody says well why did you put the address of Andrew McCabe, why did you pin that?
    • Well I actually I put an address for him for 1998
    • Now did I know that he bought it in 2016? Yeah I just thought that was a little weird 20 years later
    • I was I used a three year old address
    • Did I know he bought it, actually? Yeah I probably did but when I saw all kinds of power upgrades going in
    • (Sorry about my phone)
    • When I saw all kinds of power upgrades going in there when I saw these new AT&T pedestals
    • When I saw 200 different wiring teams going in, when I saw these--all the Google Fiber going in
    • When I saw the AT&T Wi-Fi, AT&T fiberline going in, when I saw the depressions and dips for these new vaults from the wiring vaults near there
    • I just said well if you were moving your money out of Malaysia, and out of Gülen's little hands
    • And you wanted a safe keep it what would you do well I'd move it offshore
    • I move through Bitcoin and I would mine the bit coin
    • Now mining Bitcoin takes a lot of power and I've been talking to power experts all day about how much power has been wired into Hillary's place
    • Now am I saying Andrew McCabe is laundering money absolutely not
    • There's no way I'm saying that
    • But I just want people to visualize you have this place out in in Maryland the with these 35 people that are spies within that group somewhere
    • You got five or six of your own GPS people
    • You paid for them we have the receipts now that FBI paid Fusion GPS excuse me for these people
    • Where do you move them after they get Flynn to sign off
    • And finally call Kislyac who's dead now
    • Now they say we don't need these guys anymore and they get rid of them
    • Where do you move that five or six guys that's embedded in that team?
    • Do you move it to Chappaqua?
    • Are they living up there in Chappaqua right now?
    • Who knows but they're not answering service
    • And that isn't helping one thing is for sure I'm going to add both of these people to my discovery both the Peter Peter Strzok is what I call them Peter Strzok and
    • So I learned how to pronounce his name Peter Strzok and this Lisa Page if this person is a personal lawyer for Andy McCabe
    • And this person is kind of a personal hitman for Andy McCabe
    • That's going to come forward
    • People in the FBI are sick of this
    • That is going to come forward
    • That information is going to come forward
    • So I'm going to leave it right there right now
    • That's where the investigation kind of is is at
    • It's obviously very fast-moving here--with the phone blowing up
    • But that's where--you kind of took a couple of minutes out of the newsroom here to kind of--do a here's where how the dots are connecting as of right now
    • You can go to the Twitter feed to see how things are going
    • But that's where we are right now
  • Day 44.3. Focused On the Misuse of Power - YouTube
    • It's Day 44 this is part three
    • This is just a quick Sunday summary
    • And I think it's probably good the full flight of the arrow here really goes back to 2010
    • And if you haven't watched the series before--that I really don't care about viewers or subscribers or patreon or any of that
    • I want to get off Andrew McCabe's list
    • That's all I want--that's all up the reason I got in this
    • You could read the accidental journalist by Trish Negron on Google George Webb an accidental journalist if you want the full story
    • But I protested and got in the way of Andrew McCabe and an operation he did in Portland Oregon
    • It's called Muhammad Muhammad [Christmas Tree Bomber]
    • Basically used three different informants for this Muslim kid took a very nice kid who was studying hard a student 17 years old radicalized him over time showing him a lot of pictures of war atrocities that supposedly were done by a--US soldiers
    • And built a bomb for him
    • He never touched a soldering iron
    • And put him away for thirty years
    • And even that kid with no rights from Somalia
    • I think he did later naturalize, but he ended up almost winning a case in the 702 for "collect it all"
    • And I actually think he should have won it because they used illegally-collected information to convict him
    • Which is Fruit-of-the-Poisonous-Tree
    • So I do believe the little guy has rights in America and can challenge the law
    • The Dred Scott--he's sort of the Dred Scott
    • Muhammad Muhammad SAW the Dred Scott of our time and if he would have won that case he would have it would have helped everyone in the United States with their Fourth Amendment rights
    • So yes I do think a little guy can win a guy can win in the pro se Court and from the Supreme Court with 13 shares of stock
    • So my only intention here is to get off the list
    • And I hope all my viewers go to all other channels and make everybody else rich and wealthy and add to their subscribers and do whatever patreon that they're looking for
    • That's not my goal
    • My goal is to get off the list
    • So what I focused on in this is production of documents documents documents documents
    • And most of the documents--I know some people say I'm trying to get documents I can never get that are secret
    • No, most of the documents I'm going for our public documents
    • Inspector General Reports are Public Reports
    • Reports from the House Committee on Administration should be Public Reports
    • Reports, Emails from people in the State Department, using Gmail should be public, the Public Records Act
    • So I'm not asking for anything classified I'm asking for public records and that's how I kind of the government's supposed to run
    • So that's where I am at that's my goal and I really have no other goals
    • And I have no animosity toward anyone
    • And if I make a mistake I'll certainly correct it
    • I have never accused anybody of a crime in this and if anybody is interpreting it that way, that's not the case
    • The only people I might be talking about in terms of committing a crime or the conspirators, which are is going to be the FBI
    • And there are some there are some actions by the Awans, obviously that are criminal
    • And there are some actions by people around them suppressing evidence and destroying evidence that are criminal
    • But everybody that I'm focused on are actually at the highest levels of government impinging on the fundamental rights of every citizen in the United States
    • I'm not interested in any Jones versus Smith type in situations
    • I'm focused on people who are impinging on the fundamental rights of every US citizen
  • Day 44.4 Will Kristen Neilson Name the Three DHS-OIG Hackers? - YouTube
    • This is Day 44 part 4
    • And here is the DHS OIG hack
    • This is the DHS OIG hack where there's three employees that I say these three employees are gonna be Hina Alvi Imran Awan and Jamal Awan this all happens the first week of March this year and there's a temporary Inspector General I don't know yet if the temporary Inspector General was Theresa Grafenstine or not
    • But it's certainly gonna ask that in the request for admissions
    • So this is an article by Ron Nixon and Nick Fandos
    • I think immediately you can ask them, "hey, where's the W? You forgot the W. Here the Who W, you forgot to ask who these three people are. And then you also forgot the when. You said 'in the spring.' And they have the hack happened in the spring"
    • "Can you be more specific about the first three weeks of the first three days excuse me of March, before--he leaves the country on the 5th, and they get fired that first week those same three from Congress?"
    • Okay? So John Roth is the Inspector General now
    • So we'll see if he if he publishes that
    • But tomorrow this is the Kirsten Nielsen is hearings you can see here by the legislative action for this presidential nomination 1095
    • This gal named Kirsten Nielsen is up for debate tomorrow
    • And she went through our first round of hearings was not bad
    • And usually these are just consent votes
    • We'll see what happens
    • For those of you don't know who Kirsten is, she is young lady but that was kind of picked on a little bit for her experience, but she's got quite a bit of experience at TSA George Bush hired her, and she had a lot of critical infrastructure management role at TSA
    • So she has never led a large organization, but she looks like she's up for the task
    • So the first question is: Kristin Nielsen--just like we asked Jessie Liu, when she took over the Awan case--will you announce the first three people the three people that did this hack?
    • This hack was a 159,000 case files.
    • These were the case files of people who were who were researching cases like Zarate in the Kate Steinle case
    • You get out here you look at the facts of all the breach, you'll see that it was the actual case management of people who were looking at cases like Zarate and the Kate Steinle deal
    • Only there's one hundred fifty nine thousand
    • This is why I called this case here 159,000 Kate Steinles
    • This this case right here is 159,000 Kate Steinles
    • Because these are the investigators investigating those cases
    • You look over here at the USA Today report well if you look at Ray lockers report, you'll see that he has a he names how many people that
    • I think that's Ron Nixon right there from New York Times I believe
    • Yeah yeah it's Ron Nixon there and I I haven't looked up Nick Fandos yet
    • But here's the article here Nick Van DOS Ron Nixon New York Times insider stealing data nice report
    • So you can review this and just text them send them text...and say hey--will Kirsten Nielsen be confirmed tomorrow?
    • And well the first thing she does
    • Again, if these guys are double dipping it at DHS
    • And they're into the system of 159 thousand names--that's 159 thousands Zarates
    • That's 100 that's could be more than one hundred fifty nine thousand Kate Steinle
    • I don't know however many people that might might result
    • So even one Kate Steinle even one more Kate Steinle is is not good
    • But this is a hundred and fifty nine thousand case files that were hacked
    • And if you don't identify the hacking team
    • And they can go from all the different 30 departments in the DHS Coast Guard and TSA, you could could just do a round robin of all 30 agencies in DHS
    • This is critical: if you don't name those three people and you have no chance of plugging the leak
  • Day 44.5 Lisa Page - EB5 "Family" Visas? - YouTube
    • This is Day 44 this is part five
    • This is Lisa Page and these are the two people that came out today
    • Lisa Page and Peter Strzok just to two people it just seemed to be everywhere as far as setting up the Comey meeting with Laura and Lynch in there--over at the Hillary investigation
    • They're over at the Hillary interview, and then they're at the Trump investigation, and then they're at the--behind the curtain here, and behind the curtain there
    • And it just seems like the type of person who's involved with fuschia GPSFusion GPS
    • With the--is it are they're really sending anti-Trump messages from the Mueller investigation?
    • There at the they're everywhere
    • They're at the the Hillary investigation together
    • They're at the Trump administration with the Russia Russia Russia
    • Then they're at the Mueller investigation in
    • Are they really are they really lawyers? No
    • I mean she's a lawyer but Peter Strzok is not
    • Aren't they really just sending out information of what the Commission's coming up with?
    • Aren't they just leaking information out to their friends and Andrew McCabe?
    • Isn't that actually what's going on it's not how Andrew McCabe is getting updates on all these investigations as they're going along--isn't it isn't that really the case?
    • Anyway I saw these things that are a record which was this disorderly conduct and whatever obstruct off--businesses is--I don't know what that is
    • But anyway I forgive people for their minor errors
    • But what I what I notice is locations.
    • She's from Columbus, Ohio
    • She got her law degree here in 2006
    • And I just look at Hillary, and then I look at kind of being brought into the to the FBI world
    • And here's Summit County here
    • And this is Akron, where my dad was born
    • And I had visited this Strongsville, Ohio, and the Strongsville Ohio had been kind of had been singled out because
    • (Not because of the creepy building here)
    • But because it had this European adoption agency
    • This creepy European adoption agency that got raided by the FBI
    • I don't know if she was there doing the investigation for this
    • Or if she was doing--it's like maybe a color-of-law, where I bring in all these kids, and after the 10,000th kid I bring in, then I say oh well it's color-of-law
    • I'm the adoption lawyer--I'm the EB-5 lawyer for bringing in all these kids
    • Oh All the kids are gone there with all the families now
    • But ten years later I'm gonna--calling the chit's here
    • I was there I started in 2008 and now it's 2017, so I'm gonna call the chit's in
    • But anyway they adopted this thing called the European adoption consultants
    • And I think a tremendous amount of kids went through this place
    • Just an amazing amount of kids from overseas
    • I think they were flying him in the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Springfield Ohio and kind of I don't I can't exactly all the different ways they got in
    • But they were from all over the place
    • They were it was operated by the state department
    • So it was really weird there's that Hillary connection
    • And these people were kids were come from Bulgaria and China and Colombia Congo Haiti or Honduras India Panama Poland Tanzania Uganda Ukraine
    • And I remember how many Russian kids had come through with--look like they had had like polish passports or Bulgarian passports
    • So I don't know if people have read about this but this was a crackdown
    • And I think Hillary was involved in this
    • Now she's she might be able to say, well it was a ten year color-of-law
    • We imported kids ten years and just to make sure we knew who the bad actors were
    • Maybe that's the case here I stay away from pizza gate as much as I possibly can
    • But I mean it's right here in front of your face
    • I mean this is the FBI in and--invading there or shutting this down
    • Now they shut it down ten years later
    • She's there Lisa Page is there near Strongsville in 2008
    • And then ten years later it gets shut down
    • Was she involved in EB-5s?
    • Did she do ten thousand people ask for all these kids?
    • And then they shut it down ten years later?
    • We really don't know
    • But it's a good question to ask Lisa Page
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[Table] IamA former BlackBerry employee, from the trenches to middle management. AMAA!

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Date: 2013-12-05
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Questions Answers
Do you think that BlackBerry will ever be a number three contender? Number three? Possibly. I think it would need a few things to happen but the main thing is a shift in the market towards either security, or functionality. Being number 3? I don't think anytime soon but if they're able to pull things together, I think they could do it. It depends on far too many factors that I'm just not experienced enough in to say.
Also, why do you despise apple so much? About why I despise apple so much? I can't get into their workflow. I've owned iMacs, MacBooks, iPods, iPads, and a couple of iPhones. No matter how long I stick with it, I end up getting terribly frustrated on how Apple insists I do things and I end up selling whatever it is Apple I have. Whether it be in their OS, how you have a context frame per application and everything works through not the open window, but through what your context is, or just the devices themselves.
Therefore people who realize it's an illusion of cool will be subconsciously turned off by it, because contrary to claims, its nothing special. Normally this kind of fad doesn't last long, but apple will do well as long as users maintain this self induced high.
I prefer some element of customization. Until I jailbreak the iPhone, I can't handle being forced to use it a certain way and maybe it's just my mentality of open-ness but I really don't like how they do things. Well, I did. But then some of the main things I prefer about the phone simply aren't as good on the Android no matter what I did with it. I still have a couple since they're great phones, but I'm finding myself sticking to the Z30 as my main device lately.
Switch to android, i was doing all this nonsense on an iPhone when i realised how easy it was to do out of the box on android , i dropped the iPhone. I'll see what other custom roms come out in the future and I'm always willing to give it a go then.
So I hope you and your fellow co workers live out your work lives shoving shit. Because that's the only thing you guys can actually do. Eloquent. I'll let you represent yourself on this one.
How did you guys screw up such a sure thing? Lots of small decisions that lead to bigger things. Taking too long to turn stuff around, and arrogance of some people that insisted that things happen in a certain way.
I would argue that it was a "sure thing" though. The market is constantly changing and you have to keep up with it. BlackBerry simply didn't at the time.
Would you say that having all messages going through blackberry servers was ultimately what limited growth of the company? Better yet, mesh network the devices together, add a security layer, and you have a battlefield communications net. Link to I don't think the NOC was what limited the growth of the company. I think it was a few factors but I don't think the data path was part of that. It was the user experience. When you look at older BlackBerry phones... Compare the 9900 (which was arguably the best BlackBerry running 7.1 software) vs the iPhone or Androids out at the time... The competition has almost every aspect of what people wanted done better. To answer your question - no. I don't think the data path held the company back from growth.
was it simply that anyone could potentially copy it? Put on a keyboard, a display good enough to do a short message, and some protocol that can move text. BANG! Cheap knockoff blackberry. The only advantage that BlackBerry had was the keyboard and security, but then companies started to offer Bring-your-own-device policies and then suddenly BlackBerry was losing marketshare.
I work for a Canadian company that just took away my Blackberry and replaced it with the Good for Enterprise App. I want my old blackberry back! I can't say I blame you! What are you using now that has Good on it? Did you know that Good was actually created by a bunch of ex-BlackBerry employees or so the rumor goes?
I'm using it on a Nexus 5. Its a decent app I guess just takes so long to sync and its such a pain when it gets locked out. Didn't know that's who developed it, shame Blackberry had to let go of so much talent. Totally agreed. I wish that there was more talent kept, but ultimately they need to do what they need to survive. The Nexus 5 is a good device though. I know what you mean about the long syncing time... Native is usually the way to go.
What do you think of the new Blackberry CEO John Chen? Well, he's been nothing but awesome so far from what I can tell. He's very much a straight-shooter, very transparent and seems to be more about making things happen.
We had the opportunity to have a company town-hall where people asked him some pretty brutal questions, and he was incredibly direct. Not that Thorsten wasn't, but IMO, there was a lot of corporate dodging. John doesn't seem to do that, and I liked that.
Really sad to see a company like it go down the drain. When did Blackberry start to know "there is no coming back"? I can't speak on behalf of the company here, but I know for me it was around March or April when the Q10 was coming out, and we had piles of Z10s all over the place. The media certainly didn't help put us into a good light with stories being made up to make it look even worse. That said, I don't think it's beyond hope. Maybe I'm too optimistic? I think going back to the roots of what made them successful in the first place is what's really necessary here.
How's the new job search going? Great - thanks. I've got something lined up and I'm pretty pleased about it.
I just bought a Z10 with a coupon ($200 off). How screwed am I for the next, say, year or 2? I would say you're pretty safe for the most part.
Apple has this thing where you have to get the latest and greatest thing every 6 months or so. If you get a year out of your phone, you're doing well.
BlackBerry is a little different, where there's a lot more devices to choose from. I think Thorsten mentioned that they're aiming for 4 devices every year. I don't know if this is still the case or not currently however.
Backwards compatiblity was a big thing though, so I would say you should be just fine for the next couple of years, or until you have a surplus of cash just begging to spent on the next latest/greatest device.
Thanks. I've had BB before but after the shitstorm I have been away. I hope my experience is good enough. Yeah, it's a whole different situation now. The part that people keep forgetting is that BlackBerry absolutely must be at its best. If it's not, it'll fail, period.
This means that you're going to see the best of best devices from BlackBerry coming out. The Z30 is a good example, but I suspect it'll only get better as long as they can wait out the storm. (Moderate pun intended)
How many colleagues (or yourself) prefer the Android or iOs platform? Does everyone in your company genuinely prefer Blackberry over other platforms? Are you allowed to own non-blackberry phones for your personal use outside of working hours, or are you required by employment contract to only use Blackberry? That's a hard question to answer. Generally speaking, most of the employees that I saw had their BlackBerry as the primary work device which doubled as their personal. Some more tech-oriented people would use Android, and very few had iPhone unless they were heavily into the Apple world anyway. (Video editing/Photo editing, and the like)
Myself, I've had all of the major ones except Windows phone. I personally can't stand Apple. I have a soft spot in my heart for Android and have a few Androids kicking around. My Z30 is still my primary device though and I find myself using the Androids less and less.
You're definitely allowed to own non-BlackBerry devices for personal use. The only time it was really shunned is when you're in front of customers for any reason. Unofficial company policy is that you use BlackBerry in all cases there, which makes sense.
There was no requirement though to use only BlackBerry however. It would actually make more sense for people to be using lots of devices, BlackBerry and competition otherwise. I think it's better to know what the competition is doing well so you can know where you fall behind.
Did you have a moment when you thought "Wow, we've blown it, and there's no coming back", or have you tried to maintain an optimistic viewpoint? It depends on the day for me. There were times when a news article would come out, quarterly reports, or whatever the news is at the time and my heart would just sink. I did my best to remain optimistic though. Despite some of the shortcomings of Thorsten (more about the crew he chose IMO) I think he generally did a good job. There's a lot that happened internally which involved getting decisions made more quickly, getting processes streamlined and such that helped BlackBerry turn out a bunch of great products in a short time. (Z10, Q10, Q5, Z30 and BlackBerry 10 will only be 1 year old in January)
Despite being out of the company now, I really like what John Chen has been saying and actually doing so far. I'm more optimistic now than I was when I was still working for them, but it's hard when you have to answer to all of your friends and family who can be BlackBerry haters and constantly poking in your direction. "Saw the stock dropped again. When is BlackBerry just going to kick the bucket?" -- Said by my own uncle at a family gathering.
That's hard sometimes.
As someone working in the tech field in Canada, it would be devastating to lose BlackBerry. Without BlackBerry we would simply be just another dirty resource exporting country and bleeding intellect to greener pastures south of the boarder. Also, I'm really enjoying the 1 free premium app per day for December. Do you know who is footing the bill for this promotion? I can only assume that our Marketing is footing the bill, but I couldn't honestly say. I know some developers will offer a paid-to-free app in exchange for promotion (Allows them to advertise their other products) but I don't know.
I've always wondered this and maybe you could answer; why Alicia Keys as a Creative Director? Was it just for publicity? Well, that's a good question. Most of the folks at BlackBerry I think weren't entirely sure either... or that's the impression I got. I hear she did some work to get people using the Z10 in artistic circles, trying to get it out in the public. She could have been pretty critical for deploying the device but honestly I couldn't tell you.
I have a suspicion that her contract is up in January of next year though, so there is that.
When you worked at Blackberry, did you "eat your own dogfood"? If not, why not? And, what about your spouse/partner? What do you mean? Like did we use our own products?
Yep. Well then yes. My spouse wasn't into cell phones and the like at all, but when we got together, being the tech-type, I gave her one of my old Androids. She liked it, but then I was able to get her a Z10 and she absolutely loves it.
For myself, I have a few devices including the Google Nexus 5, HTC One, Z10, Z30 and a bunch of older BlackBerry's. My main is actually the Z30 after much switching back and forth. I still use the HTC for games occasionally but the main phone is the Z30.
Hello! In your opinion what is the best phone out there? Well, that's subjective. If you're looking for the largest screen for media consumption, then the Note 2 might be what you want. If you want the best typing experience, it could be a toss up between the BlackBerry keyboard (Physical) or even the virtual keyboard. Swiftkey is really good though, and so is Fleksy.
What I'm getting at though is that there is no 'best' phone for everyone. My favorites right now are the Galaxy S4, HTC One, Z30 and the Xperia series has always caught my eye. I really like the Nexus 5 though, so it's a tough call. I'd say it depends on what you want it for.
The S4 is a little to expensive for me. I was thinking about BQ Aquaris. BQ is relatively unknown but i have one of their tablets and its really great for its price. I haven't heard of it, but after looking it up, it seems to be a pretty slick device. I'm not a fan of the 1gb of ram, and 1.2ghz processor, but the expandable SD Card memory is nice.
I love my Z10. In fact, I think the Blackberry10 user experience is better than iOS and Android. I think the marketing was all wrong. I didn't see one commercial showing why different/better is okay. In fact, I didn't see one commercial with someone even holding a blackberry 10 phone. I would have invested more in the "fun education" of people through those commercials, and plastered them everywhere. 30 seconds is enough time to showcase 2 major features. A lot of the really awesome features that kept the phone separated from the competition was left out of the commercials so I would have brought those to the table as well. (Android sideloading is one example, True multitasking is another.) Finally, I wouldn't have stopped advertising what's new. I'd do the Apple marketing ploy where instead of comparing it to what's out there, I'd compare it to what the old BlackBerry's were. The brand is/was damaged, so I'd want people to know that this isn't the same BlackBerry that people still seem to think it is.
My question: what would you have done differently marketing wise? Marketing wise?
Thank you for doing this. I look forward to using a Z30 in the future. Would you ever apply to work at BB again if you could? I think so. There's a lot of things that the company did really well for some of its employees, and it was honestly a very enjoyable place to work right up until the end. I might have had a biased experience, but compared to other places I've worked, it definitely had some perks.
I miss our Ice-cream Fridays though. (Every Friday during the summer, they would provide us with Ice Cream of various types. This got cut from every Friday in the summer, to 3 or 4 times in the summer, to not at all)
We're all going to Olive Garden, what'll you have? Olive Garden is excellent!
Their breadsticks are killer... So I'll start with the salad, breadsticks. Then, probably something fish-like. Maybe the grilled salmon?
Your best advice to someone looking to start work from the trenches? What can they do to get, you know, promoted? Work smart. Be positive/enthusiastic. Be assertive, stand up for yourself but don't be a jerk about it.
And sexual favors. Those always help.
Was there still Playbook development at the time of you leaving? Nope - Sadly I was one of the many who wanted to see BB10 on the PlayBook. There was some major concerns about the 1gb of ram on the devices. It's not that BB10 couldn't get running, it's just that there was a lot of investment needed for the differing screen resolution, and getting everything running on 1gb of ram... While it could be done was very unlikely. It would need a LOT of time and manpower to pull it off, and it would be a poor experience compared to the production Z10's which had more ram, faster processor, and so on.
It still only has 1gb of ram, but has a faster processor. (Upgraded to the 1.5ghz processor) Yeah, nuking the runtime would make it feasible without much work, but it'd be useless for many. The number of natives is simply too low for it to be a useful move. :/ The developers once told me though that there's so much Cascades integration between all of those elements that the entire back end would have basically needed to be rebuilt. Not being a programmer, I only understood some of their words, but it wouldn't be an easy task regardless.
Aye, even if only portions of BB10 were to be backported to PBOS, the experience would increase immensely. I personally was pushing for the Browser, Keyboard and BBM/Hub. If even the PlayBook could have supported JUST those aspects of BB10, the PlayBook might have had a fighting chance.
Can you give any insight to BB10's obsolescence cycle? How long do you estimate before next year's gimmick breaks this years specs? Good question. I think it comes down to what the market is looking for initially, but then you have to think that BlackBerry is also in a new ballgame too when talking about the current market. The PlayBook only somewhat recently has stopped being supported AFAIK. This means based on the current cycle, you should expect to get about 2-3 years out of your current hardware.
That said, when new versions of software come out, the plan from what I've seen is to keep it as backwards compatible as possible (Excluding the PlayBook) but of course, this could change. This is all speculation but I couldn't entirely say. If I guessed, I'd say that the Z10 will have support probably until early 2015, but this isn't based on any tangible information I've come across. It very well may be supported even longer.
What were the general thoughts and feelings within the company regarding the promotion of Heins as CEO a few years ago? How has that changed since the less than stellar launch of the new BB OS? Well, Heinz did a lot good internally surrounding processes, getting things moving more quickly, putting accountability on the people that needed to make decisions to get things done.
The less than stellar launch I mostly hold Marketing as the blunder there.
Thanks for your response. I had high hopes for the company after hearing of Heins' promotion and reading his first interview with zcrackberry. No problem. My hopes for the future is that Chen will identify the execution failures, continue to move the company to profitability and then fix what's broken. He seems to be doing that so far but only hindsight will let us know after it's all said and done.
Knowing what you know about the company, would you ever invest in the stock now or if it became much cheaper? This is a good question. I'm not very stock savvy, otherwise I would have invested in Bitcoins.
That said, I think I might invest if I had some spare cash kicking around, but only after the company stabilizes more. John Chen just came in, he's doing a lot to make sure he's transparent but there's a lot of moving pieces I'm not sure about yet. I'd want to have a more solid foundation behind what's happening before proceeding with anything... So regardless of price, I'd want to see the company returning to profitability or at least show how it plans to.
Since blackberry and windows phone are fighting for the third spot, my question to you is, what do you think of the Windows Phone? (windows phone 8) compared to bb10, ios7, Android I've honestly had a whole 5 minutes with a Windows Phone... So it really wouldn't be fair for me to try and even pretend I know what I'm talking about. The only thing I can say is I know Windows Phone has the same lack of applications that we do, but I couldn't say which parts are betteworse.
I would love to get my hands on one for a few weeks for testing though!
If you were CEO, what would be your next step for BlackBerry? Next step? When I left, I liked the direction that was being taken, so I think I would push that more.
Get the company back to profitability and earn the trust of the shareholders that we're doing the right things.
FIX MARKETING. (Fix the Brand. People need to know this isn't the same BlackBerry that they're thinking of when people say the name)
I'm not a CEO without all the business degrees, but that's the general overall strategy I'd try and start with.
Do you think that if Blackberry revamps the whole device including the OS, what platform would be best? Funny enough, that's what BB10 was, was a complete revamp of the devices and the OS.
The OS is still in its adolescence right now. It's a very hard comparison to make when you consider that the iOS and Android OS's have been around for 7 or 8 years. (Or longer)
And best is subjective, like I mentioned before. Hard to say.
Do you know if blackberry has or will bring out (hope it can be answered) a rugged phone? full keyboard, military spec case? A otterbox only goes so far sadly for being rugged. I remember years ago, Sprint requested a very rugged Curve, and we made one for them. I know I prefer Otterbox as well, but like you said it only goes so far.
About Military spec... I would love to see how they would do that. You should be able to submerge it in water, run over it with a tank and drop it from the ISS and it survives.
I don't know that there are any plans, but I know the carriers have a lot of pull when it comes to what they want. (Verizon wanted the Z30 to have a wireless charging battery, so they got one)
Did you come from Keane? Sorry, No I didn't.
Do you think the Z30 should have debuted first instead of the Z10? Nope. The 5" screen market isn't as large as the general touchscreen market. Also, 10.2 is excellent for the Z30. The Q10 I think should have launched at the same time as the Z10. (Or the Q10 first)
Do you have a large collection of rubik's cubes? Huh? No. I think I solved one once by taking the stickers off. Why do you ask?
I don't have a question. I just hope Blackberry survives. I really do like my Q10 for what I use it for (lots of emailing/texting for work), and I'm glad the company hasn't abandoned physical keyboards, as a (small) percentage of us really prefer them. Thanks. Me too... I have no ill will towards the company. It gave me lots of experiences and such, but more than anything I love where the company was headed with the new updates. I'm really excited to see what they come up with in the future. I don't think it'll go anywhere, but it'll just be more like the smaller company it was back in 2005-2007 when it was starting to really peak.
Who thought of the blackberry storm. I don't know the individual project team that thought it up, but MANY people weren't happy with it internally... and we were forced to release it before it was ready.
The Storm 2 should have been the Z10, but we couldn't have known then either.
I paid my Z10 ~170$, and for this money, it's an awesome phone. The mistake Blackberry made IMO was to price his phone way too expensive at first. Thanks. This was a huge sentiment of many internal folks as well, especially when the Z30 came out. More powerful devices for almost 1/2 the price... We weren't too happy and thought it should have been almost $100 cheaper to start.
That said, someone higher up had done far more research and considered more things that myself and I'm sure there was a reason it was priced the way it did, even if I didn't agree.
When Blackberry finally goes tits up, what is going to happen to all of the Blackberry users who rely on BB systems to run their devices? Assuming you're correct that BlackBerry goes bankrupt and they shut down the NOC, there's a few things.
1 - Older BlackBerry devices (Java-based OS) would become basically useless. They mostly require BlackBerry Internet Service to function which means providing service books to tell the device where to look for email, internet, social media, provisioning of services, and such.
2 - BlackBerry Enterprise Servers (running 5.0.x and earlier) would also become mostly useless. They could still poll the mail servers for new mail, but they maintain a SRP connection to the NOC which means they would have no connectivity to the internet for secured communications to the devices.
2a - BlackBerry Enterprise Servers (running 6.2 and above) would be less impacted but their ability to activate devices in some cases would be completely stopped. They take a different path for data so secure traffic would stop, but there are still other possible ways to get the devices to communicate. Stuff that was working before would somewhat continue working but generally bad things would happen and data would stop flowing for a lot of users. (Anyone not on WiFi generally but there are exceptions to this)
3 - PlayBooks would be largely unaffected, except any BES 10 or BDS 6.2 or earlier servers wouldn't have connectivity. They might still get email depending on how the admin set up the environment. Also the BlackBerry World store, music store and video store would stop working.
4 - BB10 devices would be more impacted. BBM would stop working. Anything on the work partition/corporate side would mostly stop functioning unless the admin had VPN profiles configured and pushed out to the devices in advance. Email would likely still work, but that depends on a few different things. Adding new email accounts would all have to be done manually because there's a discovery service that keeps server settings so the phones don't need to have a local database of that information. BlackBerry world would stop working, so you'd have to sideload any and all applications. Any services that were specific to the NOC (Secure communications between servers and devices, BBM, BlackBerry World, and related) would simply stop.
5 - Carriers would have a sort of crisis situation on their hands; There are servers that are running and monitoring the connection between the carriers and the NOC as well. As soon as the bandwidth stopped, the carriers would be wondering why all data just stopped flowing and alarms would be ringing all over the place.
I can't see that happening though... Not that BlackBerry could cease to exist, but that the NOC gets shut down. There would be other companies that would be happy to buy the NOC to keep the services running, contractual agreements with governments, and that sort of thing.
Thank you for the excellent answers. No problem.
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